TEST: Who is secretly in love of you?

Many times it is difficult to know when a person likes us. Especially when she or he does not want to show the feeling that she/he has towards you. However, you can know who is secretly in love of you, once you recognize the signs that it reflects in her/his attitudes.

Even if the person tries very hard not to show her/his feelings and not change her/his behavior. There will be actions that unconsciously she/he won’t know how to handle.

How do you know who is secretly in love with you?

Before you can ask an uncomfortable question, it is better to be sure that your suspicions are correct. Especially if you also feel something special for that person and you want to go on a date with she/he. Here we show you which are the signs that you should pay attention to.

Change their behavior when you are around

Surely you already know what is the normal behavior of a person, the comfort that shows in most situations. But when you are near to she/he, you can notice that his/her attitude changes, you may look tension or nervousness. In this sense, it can clearly be noted that these types of abrupt changes are evidence that you provoke an emotion that is difficult for him/her to control.

His eyes speak a lot

It is very safe that he/she does not say it in words, but it is very true that the eyes are the «window of the soul». So in them, you find a projection of what he/she feels towards you. In fact, sometimes you can catch that person by looking at you for a long time, and when he/she realizes, turns abruptly to hide.

Another characteristic that you may realize is an unusual glint in his eyes every time he/she has a talk. That is why you have to pay attention to the patterns of his/her gaze.

Blushes to see you

Just like shy smiles, adorable blushes can also escape you. Usually, this happens when you make a good comment about that person in front of he/she or when you congratulate he/she for some reason. And when your actions have that impact on him or her it is because he/she has feelings for you that go beyond friendship.

Who is secretly in love with you makes you feel very important

If when you are together and have some group talk, it will be very common for a person who is interested in you to show a lot of attention to your particular responses. It seems that the only one that takes into account is yours and makes you feel important in front of other people.

He/she usually touches you «accidentally»

When a person is secretly in love with you, he/she seeks out and takes every opportunity to have physical contact with you. But you do not have to feel discomfort because it can be unconscious and you are characterized by not being suffocating or annoying.

If you have noticed all these signs in a person, they most likely have a feeling for you. But to be more sure and take the first step, you can take the following test and discover who is secretly in love with you.

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