Why do you keep thinking in your ex?

You have been in a relationship for a while, you adore the person, and you have never felt more at ease. But something touches your subconscious, and you frequently think on your ex when this happens.

When it鈥檚 time to go to sleep, you recall all the adventures you have shared with your ex or conjure up hypothetical scenarios. However, there is something that touches your subconscious and keeps you thinking about your ex continually. Do not be concerned; we will explain why this does not suggest you still have feelings or a desire for your ex-spouse below.


It is natural to think about the person you loved because there were likely feelings involved that could not be ignored from day to day. Usually, we only need to give our minds some space to heal after a breakup; we just need to know how to handle it and understand that it鈥檚 okay to miss our ex.

What transpires, though, if this persists for a while? Whether or not you have embraced your new relationship鈥攐r, as appropriate, whether you still harbor feelings for your ex鈥攄etermines a great deal of the circumstances. The following may also be among the most typical explanations.

We frequently imagine our ex while forming our own assumptions of how happy we might be in a different setting. It鈥檚 a wonderful thing since it shows that we enjoyed our time with our ex, you had a happy marriage, and the relationship finished for good reasons.

You are not comfortable in your new relationship

It may also happen that in your new relationship there are problems of coexistence or other reasons. Even if you love your new partner, there are times when there are problems in a relationship, and this leads to thinking about our old relationship more often. The solution is to fix these problems with your new partner, talk about it calmly and solve everything.

Out of habit

It is something very typical and normal, when we end a relationship, especially if it has been long, it is normal for us to think about our ex-partner, even if we are in a new relationship and you love that person, it is totally normal for you to constantly think about your old relationship. You should not worry or wonder if you still have feelings for your ex. The solution is to let it go, let everything flow and let time take care of completely forgetting your ex.

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