TEST: Are you pushing your crush away?

When we like a person we tend to get nervous. And sometimes when we have it in front we take attitudes that make us look like fools. Maybe you already know that you have not looked good on some occasions and you would like to know if you are pushing your crush away. Although you spend hours trying to decipher if the behavior was correct, many times it is difficult to differentiate it or we do not want to accept it.

Sometimes we worry too much about things that are not very important. And we ignore the details that could make a negative impression. For this reason, we will show you below some reasons why your crush may move away from you.

Keys to know if you are keeping your crush away

You surely like that person a lot, however, you must be careful not to show despair. Since the only thing, you will achieve is to get him/her away from you. In this sense, you can make sure not to do the following things consciously or unconsciously.

Harass the person with messages

Don’t text her/him all day, most people are overwhelmed by that. Rather, give yourself a chance to desire yourself, with that you can get him/her attention. If for some reason the conversation ended because he/she did not continue responding, do not write, wait for the person to do it.

Don’t be too sweet

It is good to express affection so that the other person will notice. But when it is given in excess, it seems that you will not respect his/her space. And nobody likes that. Also, if you want to give a special gift, the idea is that you wait because the person will show more interest in you. Don’t chase him/her all day either, let him/her miss you at least a little bit.

Always be yourself

Do not try to be someone who you are not, nobody likes to pretend to be a person and then show their true way of being. Most people like someone who is confident and shows himself or herself as he/se is.

Don’t be intense with his/her friends

You can ask to his/her friends if they know that person is not bad. It’s I can get along with her social group. But when you bombard them with questions they feel uncomfortable, they will think that you have problems or that you are a toxic person.

You’re pushing your crush away if you push things

Of course, you must want to be with that person and be her/his partner, but nothing with pressure is good. It is better when things happen spontaneously and by themselves. You just need to be patient, if you show too much interest you can scare the person.

The best thing is that you take things little by little and enjoying every moment.

If you think you’ve done some of the things we mentioned, you may be pushing the person away. That is why we invite you to take the following test where you can find out if you are keeping your crush away. Mark the answers that are most like you and wait for the results.

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